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  • “The arrival of a new baby is a special time for families, but for those whose babies have to stay in the NICU it can be difficult.  Most families don’t plan for their baby to be in the NICU for long stretches of time. Many try to save their maternity leave for when the baby actually comes home from the hospital, so they have to go back to work. With this system, mom and dad can see and talk to their baby, and that peace of mind is a huge comfort.”  Michelle Kelly, R.N.C., N.I.C., nurse manager of the Level III NICU at Texas Health Plano
  • “Every parent’s wish is to stay close to their new baby, and having to leave them can cause feelings of stress, guilt, and even fear.  With the cameras they feel more connected to their infant, watching over them even when they are not able to physically be in the hospital. This helps alleviate those feelings. They can also share their newborns with siblings, friends and relatives, and this brings the family together.”  Antonio Santiago, M.D., NICU medical director and neonatologist on the medical staff at Texas Health Plano
  • “We are pleased that Texas Health Plano is able to offer this new service to families – thanks in great part to the generosity of the Skaggs family and Leighton’s Gift.  We believe that this technology will help ease parents’ stress and promote bonding between family and baby. We are very proud to be one of the only hospitals in the area to provide this service, and we look forward to adding more cameras in the near future.” Mike Evans, R.N., M.S.N., president of Texas Health Plano

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