#NTXGivingDay – September 17, 2015

#NTXGivingDayAlthough Leighton’s Gift wasn’t able to officially participate in this year’s North Texas Giving Day (September 17, 2015) you can still donate to the Texas Health Resources Foundation on this special day and by letting us know you donated, we can make sure your donation to Texas Health is directed towards the webcam project at Texas Health Plano for Leighton’s Gift.

On September 17, 2015, donations of $25 or more can be made 6 a.m. to midnight and those donations will be amplified by more than $2 million dollars in bonus funds and prizes.  That’s right, your donation will be super-sized!!

Please Note:
 For the funds to be amplified, you will need to donate directly on the #NTXGiving Day website and then email us at leightonsgift@gmail.com to notify us that you donated (we won’t need to know the amount).  You can also put in the “notes” field on the donation form “Funds for Leighton’s Gift at Texas Health Plano.” This way we can ensure any Leighton’s Gift funds received at Texas Health Resources Foundation will be appropriately set aside for our project.Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.08.45 PMWe are thrilled to announce that Leighton’s Gift will be making a $20,000 donation on September 17, 2015 to the Texas Health Resources Foundation specifically for Leighton’s Gift webcam project at Texas Health Plano.  So please join us on this special #NTXGivingDay.

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