A Shared NICU Experience Inspires One Family To Give Back

IMG_6619Kai Cranford and Jaxon & Leighton Skaggs were each others first roommates back in 2011.  You see, all three kiddos decided to come into this world early which landed them all in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.  Kai’s mommy, Lauren Cranford, and Jaxon & Leighton’s mommy, Amy Skaggs, each also spent time in the high-risk OB (HROB) unit of Texas Health Plano.  Ironically, both women were admitted to the HROB unit at 24 weeks gestation which is considered the earliest time you could deliver a viable baby.

Both families remember each others kids from the NICU stay, but never really met during our admission.

A week ago, Lauren contacted Amy to let us know they wanted to give back to Leighton’s Gift.  The Cranford’s would be soon moving to Shanghai and were having a going-away party.  Their guest list had quickly grown to 300 and the Cranford’s decided with that many people they wanted to have a charitable cause for people to donate to if their guests so chose.  Lauren thought of Leighton’s Gift.  She called Amy and asked for permission which of course she said yes.  Lauren said she didn’t really know how much they would collect, but maybe a few hundred dollars.  No donation is ever too small, and we were touched they thought of Leighton’s Gift.

IMG_5198Shortly after the going-away party, Lauren called Amy to let her know they had raised a little over $3,500 and would be able to purchase a camera outright.  We were moved beyond words and incredibly grateful.  Lauren had the great idea to have Kai present the check to Jaxon in the NICU lobby at Texas Health Plano.  Today, we met for that check presentation and it was a very special moment.  We wish the Cranford’s all the best in their upcoming move to Shanghai for are forever grateful for their support of Leighton’s Gift.

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  1. I can still hear the “beeps” from the monitors and looking up at the screen to see “Cranford” blinking. I remember seeing Lauren come in and sit in the reclining chair in the NICU and holding little Kai. Greg & Chris would cross paths early in the morning. What a difficult time! And what a blessing our children are! Thank God for miracles!

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