Infertility Awareness Week: April 19th – 25th

The week of April 19th – April 25th is Infertility Awareness Week. CNN recently put out an “iReport” request for couples to submit their #InfertilityStories. Amy and I thought about it and decided we wanted to write a submission detailing our story and journey to build our family.  Our infertility story is somewhat unique as we dealt with multiple IVF cycles, international adoption, domestic adoption, joy of birth, heartache of loss and death, and ultimately an egg donor.

As of this morning there were 191 iReports filed on the CNN site regarding peoples’ #InfertilityStories. Of those filed iReports, CNN chose a handful of reports to “verify.” We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of those verified iReports and this week CNN’s New Day, CNN Health, and CNN Early Start all started covering the story. To date, our original iReport story has been viewed 2,667 times and shared directly from the CNN site 614 times. These share counts do not include the amount of shares we’ve received via Facebook and Twitter.

  • You can view our original iReport by clicking HERE.
  • You can view the newest CNN story following 4 different couples, including us by clicking HERE.

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There were items in our infertility story that we submitted to CNN that we had never told some people. The writing was difficult but therapeutic in a way. Infertility is such a taboo subject, yet some many people face it in some way. If our story can help one couple feel like they are not alone; than everything was worth it!

Chris & Amy

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  1. Papa and I are so proud of this grandson and his family. They have endured so much in what so many take for granted. They have definitely been on a roller coaster of emotions their entire married life and have overcome so many sharp turns, upsets, sudden plunges, hill climbs and even a crash and have endured to the end with a beautiful family that we are so proud of. Love them to the moon and back.

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