Thank you for visiting the blog for “Leighton’s Gift”! It is our strong desire to turn what was a tragedy into something positive for other families. Our goal is to provide a camera viewing system for families with a baby (or babies!) in the NICU at THR Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. This will be a long term project that will be completely funded by donations made in honor of “Leighton’s Gift”. We have been working with the hospital to find a company to provide a state of the art system that will benefit both families and the staff in the NICU. It is our strong desire for this to be a positive thing for everyone! The decision has been made to use a company called “NICView”. They are based out of Louisville, KY. Providing systems for NICU’s is ALL they do. They understand the dynamics and needs that must be met in order to ensure the program’s success. I encourage you to view the demo (in real time!) by clicking the link on the left.

Our goal is to have this system up and running with at least one camera per pod in the NICU before the end of the year. I know this is a huge goal, and we have a lot of money to raise! We are determined to make it happen!!! Any donation (even $5) can make a difference. We will be keeping everyone updated on the progress of this project and a possible blood drive happening next month! Thank you again for your support!

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